At My Vida Spa, we use warmed paraffin wax to soften and soothe your skin. We gently submerge your hands, or feet, into the heated wax, and allow it to harden slightly on your  skin. After a few minutes, we remove it, leaving your skin, nails, and cuticles deeply moisturized and conditioned.

Our organic paraffin wax traps moisture in the skin and, once peeled away, leaves rough hands and dry cuticles soft and hydrated. It’s a soothing treatment with immediate moisture relief.

Another benefit of paraffin treatments is the heat therapy. The warm wax soothes aching joints and increases circulation, with the added benefit of giving hands and feet a more youthful appearance. Paraffin treatments  have a wonderful relaxing effect, helping to calm and relieve stress in the same way a warm bath does. Ask us about our scented oils and add the benefits of aromatherapy to your paraffin treatment.

This week at My Vida Spa, schedule any one of our signature massages and receive a complimentary paraffin hand treatment. Call us today at 305.663.1402.