We care for all of your skin.  We use only the highest quality wax, and choose each type to suit the specific area to be treated, while taking into consideration your individual skin needs.  Our expert estheticians will choose the wax for your skin type, be it sensitive, resistant, or allergy prone.  Hair is removed as quickly and painlessly as possible, from practically any area. We cater to both men and women.

  • Face
  • Body [*]
  • Eyebrows [**]
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Bikini
  • Men: Chest/Back/Abdomen

[*] For optimum results, hair should be at least 1/4 inch in length

[**] Please note that initial Eyebrow Shaping may take a bit longer than follow-up, as we discuss your shape preference and expectations, and take time to guide you on how to fill in eyebrows when in the process of letting them grow in for a thicker, fuller look.

Prices and time are according to the area being treated.  Please call 305-663-1402 for pricing and appointment availability.